So plain and simple it bears repeating….

“Implement now, perfect later”

Often times I find myself stuck on details or as my team likes to say, “out in the pasture pulling weeds.”  I become so focused on perfection that I lose focus of the big picture.

When I was starting EventEssentials, it was important for me to have just the right look, the right tagline, the right logo.  I lost weeks of precious time searching for perfection, not realizing that I could change my mind or direction at any time!

During a coaching session with my mentor, she uttered the words…

“Implement now, perfect later”

and in an instant I got it!  I started to move ahead with projects I put aside and finally started making serious dents in my project list.  My checklists no longer worked against me, they worked FOR me.

So the next time you get stuck or cannot focus on a project or task, think

“Implement now, perfect later”

and watch what happens!

Let me hear from you!!