Super Bowl XLIX (New England Patriots vs. Seattle Seahawks) is this Sunday and if you are not at the game in Arizona, then you will probably be enjoying the festivities at your favorite bar, restaurant or even your own watch party at home, right?

And if you are hosting a party, you no doubt have your big screen television, comfy seating and food & beverage galore, but do you have your risk management plan in place?

Are you taking the steps to limit your liability?

What happens if a guest over indulges at your home?

What about guests driving under the influence after leaving YOUR party?

I’ve got you covered with a few quick tips (Q Tips!) to keep the party flowing, reduce your liability and maintain your sanity at your in home Super Bowl party:


According to Nielson last year over $1.01 billion dollars was spent in the two weeks before the Super Bowl on beer…just at grocery stores! And that’s just beer folks! Keep it simple, serve beer and wine or one type of cocktail. And monitor their intake…especially if they are driving. If there are any issues see #3 and #4.

2 – FOOD

The Super Bowl is the one of the largest days for U.S. food consumption second only to Thanksgiving. So when you are hosting guests in your home, you want to be aware of food allergens when planning your menu. Allergies to eggs, peanuts, seafood, wheat and soy are prevalent so it’s a good idea to label all foods & snacks that you are serving to keep your guests with food allergies safe. Better yet, call or text your guests to ask if they have any food allergies or restrictions before Sunday!


Consider having a designated driver or car service number on hand to get any over indulgent party goer home. Get your most responsible friend (two will do) and assign them this important task.  Or try Uber. Located in more than 200 cities, Uber is an app based program that connects people looking for a ride with a driver. Encourage your friends to download the app before they get to the party 😉


And when all else fails, host a sleep-over complete with breakfast the next morning. Your friends will thank you for it!

And whether your team wins or loses, enjoy the game and enjoy your guests.   The Super Bowl only happens once a year. Bragging rights can last forever!

It will only take a few minutes to be prepared for possible game day risks.   How will you prepare?